You must pass the per domain glossary quiz with a 95% before the more difficult exam will unlock. This is to encourage you to get your glossary converted to notecards before you try to do the application or analysis exam level questions. Do not study the answer use this as a measure of your preparedness for the exam. When you find a failure in your understanding go back and study, builder cards, learn. On a per domain base you should get and 80% on your first attempt, and 85% on your second attempt,And a 95% on your third attempt. If you do not hit that mark, go back and study again building more notecards, do more reading, threaten controls, case studies.

Get yourself online for a great way to be sure and cover all the right stuff for this exam and be a real penetration tester at the same time. There are a lot of tools out there, and we’ll help you navigate through all the essentials. Class meetings are 2 times per week for one hour each for 10 weeks. Plenty of labs and quizzes.

Live Opponent Lab

This is a very hands-on class using our new Live Opponent Lab LOppL. This lab is a full enterprise network isolated on your own computer. Real networks have a bunch of network traffic flying around.  Your lab will look and act just like the real thing. This lab has at least 12 machines and routers running all at the same time. Not everyone is at the same level on every lab. You may be great at Windows hacking: she is great at databases: he is great at something you have never heard of before.

Our labs come in three levels:

Basic - achieve the learning objective, know what tools to use in the real world and use them.
Intermediate - place yourself under the same conditions as a penetration test.
Advanced - place yourself under the conditions of an adversary.

We add new labs and new exercises monthly.

You get the template for a world class penetration testing setup. We build up an attack lab with  attackers,  listeners, and  victims. Having a system that just sits there with no client server activity is crap; you might as well hack a punching bag. This way you do the penetration test like you would if you were on live systems; only you protect your live enterprise by being in a virtual enclosed bubble. As long as you don't really try to hurt yourself, you can do your labs with no harm to the base operating system or your production network.

10 weeks?

You need the 10 weeks so you can have the necessary time to really use the tools and become an ethical hacker. Class meets twice per week. This is a fantastic class and gives you all the study guidelines you need to approach the material in a hands-on, systematic way. The online presentations are lively and interactive, with the time you need in between each class to digest the materials and learn what you need to take your exam.

What happens next?

Once you enroll: You will be sent your lab setup, books and supplies. You will receive information about your first meeting - orientation - so we can walk through the start dates and easy logistics together. Or email us if you would like to schedule your orientation and start date.

Course: CEH Certified Ethical Hacker

Course ID: CEH201+e

Prerequisites: 4 years in a business computing environment

Course Description: Security assessment and penetration testing are an adversarial approach to securing computer systems. Each student will learn how today’s computing systems are designed and how to think like an adversary.

Live Opponent Lab: This is a very hands on class using our live opponent lab (LOppL). This lab is a full enterprise network isolated on your own computer. Real networks have network traffic flying around.  Your lab will look and act just like the real thing. This lab has at least 12 machines and routers running all at the same time.

Audience: Positions with the following titles benefit from this course

  • Information Systems Security Engineer
  • Information Detection System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Systems Security Engineer

Training Purpose: to understand the functional development of ethical hacking personnel and understand how to accomplish the goals, skills, and tasks of ethical hacking. This course is an excellent primer for security technologists who want to understand how an attacker thinks about security.  Activities of the job are taught in the follow-up courses of PD-CNDA, PD-INRE, PD-CNDI, PD-VULN. These topics could range between 10-40 hour hands-on courses.

The CEH course has labs and requires a computer. The instructor will demonstrate all of the activities of ethical hacking.

Course Proficiency Level: 2- Intermediate

Learning Objectives: Each item will be covered and demonstrated. The tasks typically equate to demonstrations. The knowledge, skills, and abilities tend toward lecture and discussion. There will be readings before each session and a quiz at the end to validate the learning.

Price: $2,999